Raise $7M

with short class technology and wants to be the “TikTok of Education”

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The Challenge

Scaleup, an innovative education solution, emerged from a deep analysis of student engagement data in Flores’ distance learning courses. It directly tackles challenges in remote education with advanced technology and pedagogical insights, providing a dynamic platform for interactive and collaborative learning. Its adaptive features personalize learning journeys, offering flexibility and scalability for the evolving needs of learners, transforming the future of education.


receives an investment of R$7 Million with short class technology and wants to be the “TikTok of Education”

The Strategy

Responding to the surge in knowledge pills and TikTok’s impact on Flores’ networks, the entrepreneur strategically revamped the business model. The entrepreneurship course adapted to concise formats, condensing content into 60 1-minute segments.

This shift resulted in a sixfold increase in video viewing rates, revealing the opportunity to actively engage students through technology. The strategic pivot positions the education product as a trailblazer, leveraging modern media habits for a more effective and engaging learning experience.


Just putting courses on the internet is not enough," " emerged to solve this gap and allow schools to deliver an experience similar to a social network, within a closed environment.

The Expression

In this innovative educational ecosystem, schools effortlessly convert a wide array of courses into concise videos, some lasting just a minute. Scaleup’s impact is evident, with over 4,000 classes seamlessly edited through the platform.

This highlights Scaleup’s effectiveness in streamlining educational content, enhancing accessibility and engagement for learners through concise, focused video content.

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is expected to reach 300 schools and more than 100,000 students by the end of next year.

The Result

There, schools can turn hundreds of courses on varied topics into short videos — some of them up to 1 minute long — such as English lessons to writing tips for advertising. CONTINUES AFTER ADVERTISING So far, more than 4,000 classes from schools that hire Scaleup have been edited by the tool.